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Managing Collections

We are in a position to advise you on what to collect, assisting in both buying and selling.

A painting by the Scottish artist Mary Armour, sold to fund a deposit on a flat for the client's daughter

Increasingly, companies and professional firms are realising the desirability, tax effectiveness and investment potential of buying works of art, and even creating collections. However, it is all too easy to end up with an anaemic and ultimately unsatisfactory collection, poorly rated by both staff and clients.

Experience clearly shows that the best corporate collections are not assembled by committee. Nor do committees normally have the time and skill to keep up to date with what is available in the market, whereas a focused specialist does. A leading example of this is the outstanding collection of Scottish Art assembled by Fleming & Co over the past 25 years.

We are in a position to advise you about what to collect, having carefully assessed your taste and interests, in relation to display space available and budget constraints. We can then go on to purchase on your behalf, to restore (where necessary), advise about hanging, lighting and conservation.

A specialist aspect of this consultancy service is advising architects and interior designers about finding appropriate art, both modern and traditional, for new or refurbished properties.

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